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Lab Center

The lab center of Press Metal International Ltd was established in 2005 and passed the audit carried out by China Laboratory National Accreditation Committee. Its management level now can meet international standard (ISO17025), so is the technical capability, which makes it able to take on external testing and analyzing business.

It established close cooperation and technical exchange with QC centers in South China, Foshan and Zhengzhou, and accumulated rich knowledge and precious experience during long-term inspection practices. It’s a professional laboratory for inspection of raw material, production process, and alloy products involved in aluminum.

The lab center has more than 50 sets of advanced equipment purchased domestically or abroad, such as Vickers hardness tester from Japan, spectrum analyzer from Germany, universal mechanical testing machine, salt spraying tester, constant temperature and humidity test machine, section scanner from Israel and optical detector and so on. Testing range and ability covers verification and calibration of gauges, surface treatment liquid composition, alloy composition, mechanical properties, coating properties, metallographic structure, profiles geometry detection etc.

To guarantee the fairness of the work in our lab center, hereby make the statements below:

First, our center has perfect system and finishes the work strictly complying with the management manual.

In addition, it carries out effective control of the system procedure to make sure the accuracy of the inspection result and avoid cheat.

Second, work inside the lab center shall not be disturbed or affected by any relations or leaders.

It won’t be driven by economic benefits, but carry out inspection independently.

Thrid, the center shall unswervingly maintain honest work attitude, adhere to objectivity, scientificity, fairness and confidentiality, and refuse the occurrence of all events that threaten the benefits of the principals.

Fourth, the center promises the principals to undertake relevant legal responsibilities and fulfill legal obligations.

Fifth, all employees of the center shall strictly abide by all agreements signed with the principals. Except the test detection task entrusted by the principal, it won’t use any technical data and info provided by the principals to carry out activities involved in technologies, development, consultation, service, and trade that violate the fairness.

Sixth, the lab sincerely accepts the supervision and complaint from all sectors of the society. Telephone used for complaint is 0757-87363333